If you are planning to travel to Cat Ba – Hai Phong beach during this holiday, please refer to our company's Cat Ba beach car rental service.


 With the latest passenger cars from 4 seats to 45 seats, the spacious and modern passenger compartment, fully equipped with DVD screens and USB connection facilitate customers' entertainment. The engine operates well, smoothly suitable for all terrains. Extremely cool air conditioner...

 The company's car rental service to travel to Cat Ba – Hai Phong is always professional with a team of consultants and drivers: Careful, experienced, dedicated, friendly and attentive. The entire staff of the company always puts the interests of customers first.

To contact car rental to travel to Cat Ba, please contact us at the following information:



Address: 42 Ma May Street, Hang Buom Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Tel: 04-3926.1688. Hotline: 0937.80.90.95(Mr Truong)



Vehicle type Image Contact
4-seater car  Tel: 0937.80.90.95 (Mr Truong)
7-seater car  Tel: 0937.80.90.95 (Mr Truong)
16-seater car Tel: 0937.80.90.95 (Mr Truong)
30-seater car Tel: 0937.80.90.95 (Mr Truong)
35-seater car Tel: 0937.80.90.95 (Mr Truong)
45-seater car Tel: 0937.80.90.95 (Mr Truong)


The price of car rental to travel to Cat Ba – Hai Phong beach of the Company depends on the place you choose to go, how long it takes, whether the day you go is weekend or weekday. You can refer to our services through the website:

*About Cat Ba – Hai Phong beach:

  • Cat Ba beaches: CatCo 1, 2, 3 are considered special famous beaches in which Cat Co 2 beach is the most beautiful with clear water.
  • Monkey Island: In the past, this place was called Cat Pineapple because there were many wild pineapple trees, but now people often call it Monkey Island because there are about 20 small monkeys on the island.


  • Lan Ha Bay: Ifyou come here, you can visit Lan Ha Bay by kayak and climbing. You will have to paddle on the rushing waves to fully feel each patch of limestone mountains, caves, clear water with vast sky, explore the long white sandy beaches, the mountains rising on the sea,... Kayak rental tickets range from 100,000-200,000 VND/Kayak/day.
  • Cai Beo ancient fishing village: It is one of the oldest fishing villages in Vietnam. There are many boats, large boats and boats ready to go around to see the peace of the fishing village.
  • Cai Ba National Park: It is a world biosphere reserve with an extremely diverse ecosystem with about 741 different species. With a ticket price of about 15,000 VND/person, you will be able to visit ecosystem tourism, landscapes inside the national park such as Bat cave, Trang Trung cave,.. and several other famous caves.
  • Cannon Cannon aka peak 177.

To book a car, please contact the Company via Hotline: 0937.80.90.95. Phone: 043.926.1688. Or you can refer to the price list via the Company's Website ( to ensure that you can go directly to the address of Hanoi Sports Hotel – No. 42 Ma May, Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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